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Events in Senigallia

Senigallia Summer is full of events and events not to miss, which for years has characterized the hottest months of this vibrant city.

Summer Events in Senigallia


  • Europe Music party : free outdoor performances and concerts in the most strategic points of the historical center
  • June 28th - 30th - Caterraduno : linked to the radio 2 Caterpillar transmission that will be broadcast by Senigallia in these days, will fill the city squares with live radio, music, entertainment, intelligent humor, to the delight of all fans and fans of the note transmission of Radio 2


  • Rotonda Festival : mid-July appointment
  • Corn maze : from July to September
  • Bacajà International Folk Theater Festival : free theater in the open city and theater school for the whole family
  • July 14 - 22 - X-Masters : music, sports and much more, from other information on the site .


  • 1- 12 August - Summer Jamboree : unmissable appointment for Senigallia, the world's most important music and culture festival of the 40-50 years, the whole city is involved from the historical center to the seafront at the Rotonda, with concerts, lessons dance, Hawaiian party and vintage car parade.
  • Ventimilarighesottoimari in Giallo : the most interesting noir authors of the national and international scene meet in Senigallia
  • Fireworks show on the sea : from the marina that illuminates the promenade and the rotanda with a unique and suggestive lighting effect
  • August 27-30: Sant'Agostino Fair in the historic center
  • Corn maze : from July to September


  • Corn maze : from July to September
  • Pane Nostrum : the international bread festival in mid-September
Photographic exhibition by Robert Doisneau: le Temps Retrouvé from 29/03/2018 to 02/09/2018, dedicated to the famous French photographer, symbol of street photos and reportage.
caterraduno manifestazione del programma caterpillar di radio 2 a senigallia Summer Jamboree Senigallia Summer Jamboree Senigallia Turisti jamborini a Senigallia e Rotonda a mare