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Events in Senigallia

Senigallia Summer is full of events and events not to miss, which for years has characterized the hottest months of this vibrant city.

Summer 2016 Events in Senigallia


  • may: Fosforo - Science Festival
  • may: Flower Fair "Via Carducci in Fiore"
  • may: Waiting for Summer Jamboree
  • may: Museums Night


  • June: Senafil
  • June: The Sportsman of the Year
  • June: XI Reenactment week motoring "City of Senigallia"
  • June: European Music Festival


  • 1 July: Pink night
  • 2 July: White Night of Rotonda
  • July 4-July 9: CaterRaduno 2016 Senigallia, will fill the streets of the city with live radio, music, entertainment, intelligent humor, to the delight of all fans and fans of the famous Radio 2
  • July: Exhibition of artistic Regional
  • July: Down in the vaults of history. Activities for children
  • July: Bacajá: International Festival of Folk Theatre
  • July: A corinaldo the contention of the Well of Polenta
  • July: Prize City of Senigallia
  • July: New Music Festival
  • July 14 to 17: X Master Award
  • July 30 to 7 august: Summer Jamboree 2016, International Festival of music and American culture, '40s and '50s, these days costumes and vintage cars fill the city and the waterfront, creating a spectacle and a unique atmospher


  • August: Corn Maze
  • Up to 7 August: Summer Jamboree
  • August: Arcevia Artcevia International Art Fest
  • August: The Feast Destate
  • August: Fireworks on the sea
  • August 25th Trade Fair of St. Augustine
  • August Nottenera in Serra De 'Conti
  • August 19 to 23: Ventimilarighesottoimari
  • August: 552 ° Traditional Fair of St. Augustine in 2016"
  • September...

    • September: The Night of Sport
    • until September 13: Corn Maze
    • September 22 to 25: Pane Nostrum 2016 Organic Fair, the international festival of bread
    • September: Grape Festival in Arceviavia

    The Rocca Roveresca will then be home to a major exhibition from October 29, 2016 al 29 January 2017: "Maria Mater Misericordae", of which we will give further updates later.

    Other shows to keep in evidence is then "Yellow comic: Mickey" Palazzo del Duca, which in its development, will cover the three summer months (June 25 to September 25)

caterraduno manifestazione del programma caterpillar di radio 2 a senigallia Summer Jamboree Senigallia Summer Jamboree Senigallia Turisti jamborini a Senigallia e Rotonda a mare